How it works

Step by step how farmignite works.


check out our farm services

Selector click a service that suits your need ranging from farm investment, farm establishment, training or consultancy through the menu bar or home page.


Get more information

Get more details about our farm investments, location, duration and returns or read about our other services( training, consultancy or farm establishment).


Subscribe to a service

Subscribe for the farm investment to empower our small scale farmers and share from their harvest. We have a flexible means of payment with our online transfer or bank deposits. You can also subscribe to establish your farmor consult or get trained in agriculture, with just one click.


Get feedbacks and updates

Get feedbacks and updates on farms you have subscribed for at regular intervals. Or get updates on other services that you have must have subscribed for.


Get your reward

Get returns on farm investments as at when due for farms you have subscribed for. Or get satisfactory services that you subscribed for.

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