pineapple fruit is the 3rd most important commercial tropical fruit crops after banana and citrus. Additionally, the fruit is important as intercropping plants, canned food and also fresh fruit consumption. Also, the pineapples contribute to over 20% of the world’s production of tropical fruits.

Pineapple is a generational crop that provides regular source of revenue for farmers.

What does my cost cover?

1. Land preparation such as clearing, felling of trees, and fire tracing.

2. Farm inputs including seedlings, Fertilzers, insecticide and herbicides.

3. Farmers labour to work on the farm.

4. maintenance of the farm such as weed control etc. 

5. Logistics during harvesting/sales.

NOTE: Cost doesnt cover 10% charges on establishment and purchase of the farm land and documentation. Cost of farm land varies with location. Yet, our farmland/documentation cost N250,000 an average. 

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Price : ₦1260000 Return : ₦2250000

Gestation Period : 18 months

Establish Your own Pineapple