Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is FarmIgnite?

FarmIgnite is an Agricultural company that offers agricultural services to improve the lives of people, build youthful farmers and improve the African economy.

2. What services does FarmIgnite offers?

Farm ignite offers 4 different services, which include:
a. Farm investment: where we empower our small scale farmers with your funds( crowd funding) and you share from the harvest.
b. Farm establishment: where we help you set up a farm, if you have a land in any location in Nigeria.
c. Consultancy: where you schedule to meet with our experienced farmers to get the best advice in agriculture or if you want to venture into agriculture or you have a problem in your farm or need guidance in agriculture.
d.Training: where you get practical training in agriculture.

3. Is Farm Ignite a registered company?

Yes, FarmIgnite company is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC).

4. Does Farm Ignite help to acquire farmland?

FarmIgnite can only direct you to where to acquire farmland during consultation, but doesn't directly acquire farmland for individuals.

5. Is FarmIgnite into Animal Husbandry?

No farmIgnite is not currently into animal husbandry, we are only into agronomic aspect of agriculture presently.

6. How secured are farm investment under FarmIgnite?

All FarmIgnite crops under farm investment are insured under leadway insurance, to cover crops against natural disasters so investors don't lose their capital.

7. How much does consultation cost?

FarmIgnites consultation is flexible and cost 5,000 for 30minutes. And retainship cost 100,000 annually.

8. What is the cost of FarmIgnite's training?

FarmIgnites training cost 50,000 naira for the duration of 6months.