Published date: 2019-04-15 16:55:59

Qudus is an industrious and ambitious individual. A young leader with high level of integrity, who believes the final outcome of being successful is the ability to sow seeds that benefits others.

Being the CFO of Farmignite, he serves beyond just a number cruncher, but as a strategist, finance and accounting leader, business partner and steward. He is a Qualified Accountant at the Institute Chartered Accountant of Nigeria, an Associate Member of the Institute of Information Management Africa (IIM), a certified Digital Marketer and Career Developer.

Qudus is a multifaceted professional who has garnered relatively over four years of experience spanning across six business industries which include: Business Communication, Accountancy Services, FMCG, Agri-Tech, Real Estate, Finance and Investment Management.

Qudus holds the belief that "regardless of past experience and achievements, the best in him is yet to be unleashed".

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