Farmignite scaled the semi finals and made it to the finals in Rwanda

Published date: 2018-10-29 07:24:48

Our of over 300 Submitted applications for the pitch Agrihack competition. Only 26 made it to the final. Farmignite scaled the semi finals and made it to the finals in Rwanda.
This led them pitching to investors and Agricultural experts across the continent and in the world. We scale through the pitch and was announced as one of the winners of the 2018 Pitch Agrihack Competition in Kigali, Rwanda (Early Start up Prize).
It was a fierce competition but we came through. Thanks to our representative Miss Comfort Kureve, director of marketing dept and co- founder.
Apart from the competition, Farmignite received investment readiness training from ICT4Ag start ups certificate. Thanks to CTA, African Development Bank and Suguba Africa. We look forward to having amazing partnership with these guys.
Thanks to all the co-founders and the team for creating a well established structure and putting heads together to secure a sounding victory.
Farmignite will continue to work towards ensuring food security and availability through collaborative farm establishment  and investment leveraging on the digital device.
We are equipped and ready to take over Agritech space.
Visit and get started!

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